Novice Tuition

Tuition from Term to Term:

One full day per week 

These 5 week  terms, touch upon all the basic techniques on how to make Rings, Pendants, Earrings and Chain Bracelets.
The term is one full day each week.

You also have the freedom to traverse into the unique art of Silversmithing and Object Making.

The skills you will be learning are all the hand skills that are utilised by the Jewellers and Silversmiths in the Industry and are applied by them in the making of all types of body ornaments and precious metal Objects.

Although the course will not involve any assessment it will give you an insight into how things are done and some knowledge as to why we do them in this manner.

The course is for your enjoyment and facilitating the creativity that often we don’t get the chance to pursue in this busy world we live in.

The course is $750.00 for the five weeks.

(Class sizes are small so positions are limited)

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*No make up classes are offered due to course popularity