Online Silversmithing with Jacques

This online Silversmithing course with Jacques will take you through all the kinds of skills such as Sinking, Planishing and Hand fabrication are some of the skills you will be introduced to during this Silver Salt Spoon introduction unit.

“Hi my name is Jacques Fabian. I am a Master Silver and Goldsmith with over 42 years of experience in this Trade. I am so excited to bring you these training videos from my Private STUDIO41 in Strathalbyn, South Australia, I see the Revival of this ancient and classical Trade Skill being highly desired. 

Over the next few months I look forward to bringing you skill topics such as – Tool making, Flat ware, Hollow ware, Trays and Techniques on a myriad of Items and Contemporary designs all created using Traditional applications.

A special thanks to my Friend Peter Keep for asking me to participate on his platform.

We run Silversmithing workshops at regular intervals throughout the year here in STUDIO41. For more information please feel welcome to contact our office on

You can also contact Jacques at 

In our next video we will be teaching you how to make the accompanying Salt bowl.