Studio 41

Studio 41

Meet the New Generation in Education in the Jewellery Industry.

Welcome to Studio 41. This site is devoted to education.  It is a subject I am most passionate about and seek to actively share the knowledge I have and the knowledge of those masters within our trade of Manufacturing Jeweller that stands to be lost if not shared.

Whilst it will always be true that changes is inevitable, change without skill, context or just for the simple sake of change is a waste of time and will encourage the demise of the craftsman.

I personally encourage each of you to embrace the skills of the past with an openness to the reality of the future.

Novice through to Specialised Master courses:

No education too menial and

No education to complex

The AJMD can Educate you at any level and at any learning pace.

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Accommodation is available in Strathalbyn.

Studio 41, PO Box 876, Strathalbyn 5255, South Australia